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Parul University hosting Jeeni by Beej

Parul University hosting Jeeni by Beej

Members of Beej is Visualising dohas and verses by famous poets

Parul University hosting Jeeni by Beej SUB Members of Beej is Visualising Kabir’s dohas and verses by Janabai and Chokamela with poems of Arundathi Subramaniam

Parul University is hosting Jeeni: a multilingual sonic and spatial weave that explores voices of Bhakti poets across cultures in their campus. The members of Beej is Visualising Kabir’s dohas and verses by Janabai and Chokamela with poems of Arundathi Subramaniam.

The performance is a rich tapestry of music and dance where, Nirguna and Saguna ideas of the poems, all classifications and genres of music and dance disappear and all forms seem one and sublime. This is the fist ever performance by the group in the city where they tried to ventures into the empty space between words in the poems of Janabai, Chokhamela and Kabir.

Their poems are worlds embedded with silences, non-verbal stories of struggle, doubt, hesitation, revelation and surrender. Navigating this uncharted terrain through a series of sonic and spatial improvisations, the artistes weave in and out of these worlds using metaphors the poems offer.

The performance is an exploration of poetry diving into rich mystic voices in Hindi/Braj bhasha, Marathi, Kannada and English. Through another, it is a musical journey with voice blending into tabla, and improvised guitar exploring with ghunghroos. Embodiment of the poems in Kathak, contemporary movement and dance theatre brings in yet another dimension.

Beginning with an abstract, melodic and rhmic interplay rich in sound and movement, Jheeni then ventures into storytelling with song, dance and abhinaya. Woven together in a production that can occupy many stages and spaces, Jheeni is a celebration of the diversity that bhakti poetry offers.

Artists consists of Co-director & dancer Sanjukta Wagh, Co-director & musician Shruthi Vishwanath, Guitar by Hitesh Dhutia, Tabla by Vinayak Netke and Lighting Designer Deepa Dharmadhikari.

The perform on Poems, Text, Translations by Kabir, Janabai, Chokhamela, Ambigara Chowdaiah, Tukaram, Arundhathi Subramaniam.

Founded in 2005, beej is an interdisciplinary initiative that is focussed on engaging with and pushing boundaries of contemporary expression in performing arts practice, research and education.

Rooted within the language and grammar of Kathak and Hindustani classical music, they work together as individuals with diverse backgrounds, training and expertise to converge our creative energies and explore possibilities of storytelling through the body, sound and space.

They aim to build a resource centre for learning, and a community of artistes, critics, academics and rasikas with a consciousness that encourages rigorous practice, focussed interaction, dialogues across disciplines, new genres of collaborative performance and novel approaches to classical dance and music pedagogy.

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