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    Parul University brings together International professors and students to Vadodara

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    Jointly explore and innovate new global dynamics in higher education

    Parul University Brings Together International Professors and Students to Vadodara for Jointly Explore and Innovate New Global Dynamics in Higher Education. During their stay the professors will conduct series of lectures while the students will work closely with farmers to help them getting the benefits of government. The students is in the process to design a programme for them and telecast through radio, a popular medium in the rural areas.

    Widening its global reach to facilitate more channels of academic cooperation in the various fields of india’s system of higher education, city based Parul University under its newly launched visiting Professor Fellowship Program to create global academic opportunities. Under this program two Switzerland based professors have been conducting a series of lectures for the students of Parul University.

    Professor Dr. Claudia Vogel an International Business expert together with Professor Dr. Sebastian Gurtner a strategic entrepreneurship and innovation head from Bern University of Applied Sciences Switzerland have been sharing their business expertise with the University’s students.

    In addition to this ongoing fellowship program, Parul University, under its Indian Summer school program commonly known as ISS, is currently hosting two students and one professor from a Lisbon based University. Taking part in this cross cultural and knowledge sharing venture is Professor Miguel Amarai, a PhD in Industrial Engineering and Management holder and economics expert along with two students from the Instituto Superior Tecnico (IST) Universidade de Lisboa, Thomas Kiss and Konstantin Metzgera. This summer school program is this year’s groundbreaking program amongst a series of programs having such global significance underway all throughout the year.

    The Swiss based professors, Claudia and Sebastian, have been conducting a series of lectures witb the budding business aspirants of Parul University. With Professor Claudia instructing two main subjects namely the St. Gallen Model and Organization Designing under the topic “A Premier to Business Administration and Organization.” In addition to these lectures she also went on to conduct a workshop for the business administration lecturers of Parul University on the Curriculum and Pedagogy systems of Switzerland.

    While Professor Sebastian conducted expert sessions on “innovation Management and Entrepreneurship”, for the various student start-up groups of the University. The sessions which he shared were aligned with the need for students to develop a global perspective in the formulation of lucrative business models.

    “We are conducting workshops and courses aiming to spark the ideas of students and convert them into business models. We also highlight the innovation in their models focussing on benefit of the society. Right now too few people are engage in social impact and we are teaching the students to innovate with social perspective,” said professor Sebastian.

    Concurrently running with the fellowship program, the Portugal summer school, was mainly centred on the subjects of social innovation, social welfare and community well-being. Being experienced in the field of social development, along with his experience with various social impact oriented projects mainly on the sustainable development goals, Professor Amaral also conducted a series of Ilectures for the social work students of Parul University.

    As part of this knowledge sharing program, the Indian students jointly collaborated with the students of Portugal on a social innovation research project, under the guidance of Professor Migual Amaral and other social work faculties of Parul University.

    The students from Portugal are closely working in to develop a model for farmers to help them getting the benefits given by the government. They are using the technology to develop a model and plan to telecast on the radio, the popular medium in rural areas. The aim is to visit the villages, know their problems and try to help them with solutions.

    “Creating such global platforms is something that is of great significance especially in today’s academic age. As the head of International relations, the team in our office is committed to continuously facilitate such channels where students can have endless global opportunities in the course of their studies,“ said Parul University’s Head of international Relations, Dr Preeti Nair.

    “It is by all means our collective vision as a University, to create avenues which bring together academic systems from all around the world, to collectively work towards ensuring the progression of education. I believe having these faculties from two European countries in our University is a step towards this vision becoming a reality. I am confident that more opportunities for our faculties to go and conduct lectures abroad are underway in the near future,” said the PU President, Dr Devanshu J Patel.


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