In Paramarsh, this year under “Transcendence” the organisers are bringing two biggest trending personalities on social media,”TECHANICAL GURUJI – GAURAV CHAUDHARY”,”THE SCRIBBLED STORIES” and “VIVEK AGNIHOTRI – FILM DIRECTOR”.

TECHNICAL GURUJI – GAURAV CHAUDHARY  has the India’s no. 1 fastest growing Tech YouTube channel . It has over 2.3 million subscribers and internationally known as Entrepreneur.THE SCRIBBLED STORIES is the most trending page on Instagram with over 970k followers with the over 1.8 million hits on Facebook . It provides fastest growing microtale telling platform of India.

VVIVEK AGNIHOTRI is the award winning film maker , producer , director and screen writer. He is a vibrant and enthusiastic speaker and  a censor board member. He is well-known for his films namely Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal and CHOCOLATE-DEEP DARK SECRETS and many more.

The organisers of Paramarsh are once again coming up with the segment “Startupedia – The Development Dialogue” which got the grand success last year. It’s basically related to new startups ideas from all over the India.

This year Startupedia is mentored by “CENTER FOR  STARTUPS”, powered by “INSTITUTE LEADERSHIP GOVERNANCE” and supported by “STARTUP VADODARA”.This year  event will start with a online selection. All have to submit their startup idea and the selected ideas will enter the next round. The next round will be held on 1 day of event which will include Master class from experienced personalities, penal discussion and a lecture from the experienced speakers in this field. On day 2 of event, there will be final pitching in front of investors and judge.


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