Selfie the word is now a craze among all be it a youngster or a elder all are aware about it. The smart phones give the selfies an edge and now they are also coming up with powerful front cameras for a perfect selfie. However like everything it also has the two sides and it’s having a strong Psychological and Sociological impact on the society.
IMG_5358_resizedA panel discussion of experts from different fields were organised at the WSRC (Women’s Studies Research Center) in MSU titled ‘Expressions: Me and My Selfie’ exploring the impact of selfie on self as expressed in the social and cyber world. The panel of experts all from different fields present their views before the audience and answer their queries at the end of the session.
IMG_5438_resizedThe smart phone helps to create a socially desirable identity and everyday different types of selfies are clicked and posted on different platforms among the popular ones like Instagram and Facebook. However the phenomenon is positive as well as negative impact on the individual and that is why there is a need of border line in it.
IMG_5367_resized“Selfie is now a craze among all age of people and everyday you found countless selfies posted on social media platforms. However there is a need to understand the phenomenon and also aware about where to draw line. Like everything it also has both positive and negative effects and one has to aware about that. To take your own self portrait is a good thing but similarly you should know the boundaries. We saw many accidents in clicking those selfies and also in long term it affects the mental and physical health of the selfiekar,” said Dr. Khushbu Pandya Social Media Professional.
IMG_5419The discussion of the Selfie thing also put a light on the different uses of it in todays world. “Social media is growing strong day by day and the Selfies are the latest and immensely growing trend if today. This is social media age and everyone is using it in different ways. Selfies are said to be portrait yourself but in the discussion we look into it in a broader and more positive way. Its about how can we use selfies in marketing, advertisement and other things and to make it a useful tool rather then a negative one. We are aware that lots of negative things are there with selfies but we came to the conclusion that it will stay and grow strong and can be used in different ways,” said Dr. Falguni Vasavada Oza Associate Professor MICA Ahmedabad.
IMG_5385_resizedAfter the panel discussion there is a contest titled ‘Me and My #Selfie’ where the students of the faculty clicked their selfies and put it on display. The selfies were displayed with catchy title and a description. Students who displayed their selfies are excited and some feel that its a perfect way to show yourself to the outside world.

IMG_5441“I am a selfie freak and daily I clicked hundreds of selfies of me and myself only. My friends always says that you have beautiful eyes, so I clicked them in different expressions. My eyes are very expressive and it shows my innerself be it love or hate or a dream in my eyes. I love myself and that is why I am a selfie freak,” said Priti Bhardwaj.

The judges later judged the selfie contest pictures and handed over the awards to the winners.