Highlight will be the Garba from Sayaji Garbawali describe the old Baroda

For the first time in the history Vadodara city will witness the Palace Heritage Garba organised by the Royal family. Highlight of the festival will be the Garba from Sayaji Garbawali describe the old Baroda. The aim is to relive the old tradition and culture which is the identity of the city.

This is the first ever attempt by the Royal family to bring back the tradition and culture of Garba. Not only that the whole collection from the event will be use for the benefit of the women associated with Shree Maharani Chimnabai Stree Udyogalaya.

The trust is running for last 105 years and working for the upliftment of the women and make them empowered. Maharani Chimnabai and Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad went on world tour in 1909 and that time Maharani interact with various organizations and groups working for women in various countries. The idea is to do something for the women in Baroda state to make them empowered.

For financial need they organised a Anand Mela and collected 3500 fund from there. Maharaja himself donated 6000 in the collection and help started Shree Maharani Chimnabai Stree Udyogalaya in 1914. From there the organisation is growing and help women to stand on their own feet and make them empowered. The Royal family is managing the trust and courses like sewing, fashion designing, beauty parlour, computer education is running for the women.

With an aim to help them financially the Royal family starts and first time going to organise the Palace Heritage Garba. “The Garba is going to organised for a noble cause and also to continue the Gaekwad and Vadodara tradition of the festival. We want to revive the old essence of Garba among the people,” said Maharani Radhikaraje Gaekwad.

The nine day fest will showcase the traditional as well as contemporary style by the artists but also maintaining the flavor of our culture. The highlight will be the Garba from the Sayaji Garbawali describe the old Baroda. “The old Garba from the Gaekwad era is the essence of the festival as it describe the whole Baroda and definitely makes it place in the heart of the enthusiasts. We try to compose the same Garba which has about 27 antaras and is a beautiful song,” said Sachin Limaye Garba singer.

Apart from the Garba there will a stall of the trust where the products made by the ladies will be in display and also the information about the activities. Secondly under Royal Febles there will a exhibition by the Royal families to showcase their works. Around forty families are going to participate in the exhibition. The aim is to show Indian handicrafts, culture and heritage to the visitors.


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