Three years after India demonetized high currency notes to put a break on black money, Pakistan has started producing, smuggling and circulating better quality Fake Indian Currency Notes (FICN) to finance illegal activities and militant groups, including the Lashkar-e-Toiba and its affiliates, Jaish-e-Mohammad.

Senior officials reveal that a large amount of fake currency from Pakistan is making its way into India using pre 2016 system and infrastructure  of gangs, channels, and routes.

Most surprisingly, Pakistan has been misusing diplomatic channels in Nepal, Bangladesh and other countries to bring and distribute consignments of Fake Indian Currency Notes. Sources reveal that Pakistan`s secret agency, the ISI, manages to create this currency of better visual quality than the earlier photocopied notes.

The report highlighted that high-quality counterfeit Indian notes were printed in Pakistan and then smuggled into India through transit points at Dhaka, Bangladesh as well. The other route to smuggle FICN was by smuggling through the India-Pakistan, India-Bangladesh and India-Nepal borders.

Production and smuggling of Fake Indian Currency Notes by Pakistan exposes its nefarious designs to destabilize the Indian economy and support terrorism.

In May 2019, a recently released D-company associate, Younus Ansari, was arrested with three Pakistani nationals at Kathmandu Airport with a huge consignment of Indian currency totaling Indian Rs 76.7 million.

The temerity of the couriers was obvious from the fact that the stash was not even concealed, as in the past, but was loosely dumped into checked-in baggage.

The consignor was well known Pakistan-based FICN smuggler Razzak Marfani.


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