The Pakistan army on Monday resorted to unprovoked mortar shelling and firing at Indian positions in two places in Poonch district, authorities said.

After opening fire in Shahpur area, the Pakistan army started shelling and gunfire in Sabjiyan area of Poonch district.

Police said 82 mm mortar shelling was started in Shahpur area on the Line of Control (LoC) by Pakistan army to target Indian positions on Monday morning.

“The Indian army effectively retaliated Pakistan shelling using same calibre weapons,” a senior police officer said.

“While intermittent shelling and firing exchanges are still going on in Shahpur area, Pakistan army started shelling in Sabjiyan area of the LoC today (Monday) afternoon,” he added.

“The Indian army is retaliating the Pakistan shelling and firing at Sabjiyan this time,” he said.