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Pak heavily hit by US decision on economic aid

The government of USA is known to provide military aid to the countries of the world. Thisis doneto help the country protect itself from its invaders. This is also a diplomatic move of the world's superpower. The country that has a lot of powers be it economicallysecurity-wise has to help the other poorer nations of the world that they can stay protected all by themselves to maintain their livelihood. Otherwise, the country would be in a situation to face a lot of attacks from their external forces.

Pakistan and USA

Pakistan is one of the nations that has been receiving ahuge amount of grants as aid from the government of USA. But Pakistan has received a lot more from the government of USA. The USA government headed by Donald Trump has announced that the government would not be allotted any more funds to the nation that has deceived the US government.

Terrorism support in Pakistan

The govt of USA also made a strong statement that the military forces in the USA is fighting strongly against the insurgent groups of Afghanistan that is the haven to some of the deadliest terrorist organizations in the world and that Pakistan without lending a supportive hand to the USA by receiving the grant is joining hands with Afghanistan and providing all the help that is needed to the terrorists, be it economic wise, political wise or the basic needs like food, clothing, and shelter.

Billions of US Dollars spend on the terrorist funding nation

USD 255 million is the amount that is being given as security aid from theUSA every year. USD 33 billion has been given as aid for the past 15 years. All these huge amounts for the destruction of its very own country are what make the President and his council very furious. The US government has also made a strong statement that unless or until Pakistan mends its ways, the government of USA would not lend a helping hand to Pakistan.

This is a move that is to be welcomed as this pertains to the values of humans like deceit and betrayal. A country that has come forward to help a nation who is in the clutches of poverty should not behave in this manner. Thus, this is a sure hit on the country of Pakistan.

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