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Oxygen Stock Consumption Live Desk Board launched at City Command Center in Vadodara

Oxygen Stock Consumption Live Desk Board launched at City Command Center in Vadodara

Following the Supreme Court directive to make oxygen quantity information available to the public, the Oxygen Stock Consumption Live Desk Board was launched in City Command Center at Badamdi Bagh in Vadodara on Wednesday.

As directed by the Supreme court on the issue of oxygen, the state government has now directed to implement it in all the districts. The case of injustice done to some states regarding the allocation of oxygen has reached the apex court. The Supreme court directed the central government to give more quantity of Oxygen to states also gave directions on the issue of oxygen.

The Supreme court's directive made it clear that all hospitals would have to provide information on the amount of oxygen supplied to the oxygen control room as well as display it to the public. The given amount of delivered oxygen must be present by both doctor and the distributor.

The Supreme court also said that the surplus of oxygen quantity should be saved and stored in bulk oxygen tanks and kept in buffer stock so as to save the lives of patients by providing the quantity in case of emergency where oxygen is depleted.

Following the direction of the Supreme Court, the Gujarat Government has instructed every Officer on special duty and District Collector that the High Court has recently issued similar instructions on the issue of oxygen. Keeping in view the amount of oxygen consumed in the last fortnight and the amount to which hospital, the information sought has also been asked to be prepared.

The Oxygen Stock-Consumption Live Day Board was launched today at CCC Badamdi Bagh. "We have activated Dashboard for Online Monitoring of Oxygen availability across all Hospitals of Vadodara through our War Room at CCC at Badamadi Bagh. We realize that Efficient Distribution of Oxygen is as important as Sufficient Supply of Oxygen, and this Dashboard is meant to ensure this," said district collector Shalini Agarwal.

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