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OSD midnight visit to Gotri Covid hospital in Vadodara

OSD midnight visit to Gotri Covid hospital in Vadodara

Said nothing less than a pilgrimage to visit the hospital which treat 70000 people in 400 days

The dedicated Gotri Covid hospital operational for exactly 400 days now had a total COVID OPD of more than 70,000 Patients out of which about 20,000 were Admitted and treated at Gotri itself. Many more were transferred to other Hospitals for Free Treatment.

Officer on Special Duty and Education Secretary Dr. Vinod Rao wrote a emotional whatsapp message after visited Gotri hospital on Sunday midnight. He mentioend the hospital would be among the top-most of India, and possibly across the world, that attended to so many COVID patients and saved so many lives. He salute everyone of team Gotri and feel nothing less than a pilgrimage after visit to the hospital everytime.

Giving details Dr. Rao said, 581 Patients admitted as of now including 51 in the New QRT Dome. Another 255 Patients are admitted at Extension Facility at Atladra. On Sunday they had OPD of 171 Patients at Gotri Hospital out of which 52 were admitted in the hospital itself and 41 were admitted in Satellite Hospitals.

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