On Saturday, June 10, the Navrachana University hold two Open House Panel discussions on various subjects and subject-groups that are getting popular as vocational study of choice for young students just out of school or those who have just finished under-graduate studies.

The Discussion be held at the centrally located Ram Baug hall near the Shastri Bridge (Polytechnic flyover) and conducted by academic subject experts, as well as experts from industry and technical institutions. It is open, free-of-charge to interested students and their parents. They can thus make the right choices in the way forward in their careers.

One discussion is on Biomedical Sciences and Life Sciences and it will be held between 10.30 am and 12.30 pm. The second discussion will be held on Human Resource Management and will be held on the same day at the same venue at 5 pm.

These days students have many more career choices than they ever had in the past. The invention of new knowledge systems open up in their wake, the requirement for skills – physical, intellectual, technical, practical – that in turn, create opportunities for learning and training, and ultimately those for earning a good living.

One such field is Biomedical Sciences and Life Sciences with related areas of specialization in pharmaceutics and drug discovery, reproductive biomedicine, toxicology, cancer biology, stem cells, biotechnology and molecular biology, in vitro practices, plant sciences, animal sciences, and biochemistry. Experts from Industry – Sun Pharmaceuticals, JDM Scientific Research Organization, Sterling Genesis IVF Ltd, as also disciplinary experts will address questions pertaining to opportunities in the field of Biomedical and Life Sciences with a definite focus.

On the same day, at 5 pm, another Open Panel Discussion will be held on Career opportunities in the field of HRM. In today’s highly competitive business environment, the roles and responsibilities of human resource professionals have become increasingly critical to corporate success. Experts from Industry and Academia will share their knowledge and experience based on their journey in the field of HR

With this academic year, the Navrachana University will be launching three new programs – a 5-year integrated M Sc program in Biomedical Sciences, a 2-year Masters program in Life Sciences, and a 2-year Masters in Human Resource Management. All programs are UGC-approved.


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