Perennials one of the renowned names in Rugs industry will start it’s operations in Savli Vadodara. With a total investment of 10 to12 million USD in the first three years the manufacturing unit will engage 300 employees initially and will increase to 500 in coming years.

Ann Sutherland formed Perennials in 1997 in U.S.A. in response to a rising need for high performance outdoor fabrics with a designer touch. The company which is based in Texas, USA thus ventured into Luxury performance fabrics and has been recognized as the designer’s dream for transforming gardens, pools, yachts and casual living areas into enchanting spaces.

Now as further expansion to the mother company Perennials lndia came into existence and they will starts their operations in Savli under the leadership of Amol Biniwale. “We will be training the local weavers and generate local employment here. We concentrate on handmade rugs with deep artism and that only is possible in India,” said Chris Morris Chief Operating Officer Perennials.

Rugs (carpets) made by Perennials are used and endorsed by who’s who of the world and world renowned interior designers like Martyn Thompson , Lori Weitzner and many others.

Perennials Rugs are made from 100% solution dyed acrylic fibre which is proprietary and innovated in Germany, making it unavailable to be sourced from anywhere in the world. The entire weaving process is carried out on handlooms that are made locally in India.

Weavers who will be working on these handlooms are artists who are specially trained in Varanasi and shall be training others coming from various parts of the country. The company thus has a unique fusion of work collaboration thought process of U.S.A., fibre from Germany and weavers from lndia.

So Why Perennials chose Gujarat for its manufacturing unit and the team said, “India being one of the youngest countries yet oldest civilisations provides the right combination of manufacturing experience, energy, stable political conditions and conducive business environment. India is also the 2nd largest textile manufacturer of the world”.

To chose Vadodara as its home in India is due to the right mix of culture, education, workforce, infrastructure, and an entrepreneurial spirit. It’s proximity to Surat the man-made textiles hub of India and placement on the Delhi Mumbai-lndustrial-Corridor plays a role in being the preferred city to start operations.
Savli is home to many well-known multinational companies and has great connectivity through railway and highway making it absolutely viable.

Talking about their expansion plan Perennials will start its operations in india with 14000 Sq. ft. and 50 employees, majority of the employees being experts in hand woven rugs industry. The company has an expansion plan of 60000 sq. Ft. with an additional 100000 sq. ft. in the coming year. Perennials india shall be employing 300-350 employees in total in the up-coming quarter and shall cross the 500 employees’ mark in the next 3 years.

The total investment that shall be made by Perennials in India is approximately 10-12 million USD for the first three years. Currently the factory is an export oriented unit and has plans to venture in the indian market in the future time to come.


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