If paying for different purchases in different mediums stresses you out, the ‘One Nation, One Card’ might just be the good news you were waiting for.

Citizens can use the inter-operable transport card to pay for their bus travel, toll taxes, parking charges, retail shopping and even withdraw money.

Here are nine of its most important features:

  1. The One Nation One Card is India’s first indigenously developed payment ecosystem. The initiative is supported by the Automatic Fare Collection Gate called ‘Swaagat’ and an open Loop Automatic Fare Collection System called ‘Sweekar.’ Both Swaagat and Sweekar have been developed in India.
  2. The One Nation One Card can be compared to a RuPaydebit/credit card issued by your bank.
  3. Along with a swipe-to-pay option, the transport ecosystem card will also be contactless, allowing quick payment options like your metro smart card.
  4. You can use the card on public transport systems like buses, metros and suburban railways and also while shopping. It can also be used to pay for parking and in toll booths.
  5. You need to contact your bank to be issued a One Nation One Card. NCMC has partnered with 25 banks for this initiative. The list includes SBI and the Punjab National Bank. 6. In addition to this, the Paytm payments bank can also be used to issue the card.
  6. In some cases, travel cards issued in a particular city did not function in a different city or state. This newly launched card will eliminate this issue and will be usable                  across the country.
  7. Along with cashback offers on certain merchant outlets, the RuPay One Nation One Card will also be acceptedat Discover and Diners Club International merchants and ATMs.
  8. The automatic fare collection system has been installed in a few stations of the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation and the first level trials have been marked as successful.



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