One more city police jawan donated blood plasma useful in the treatment of covid patients


Inspired by the city police commissioner as well as senior police officers, Vadodara city police officers and Jawans are donating blood plasma useful in the treatment of covid patients as a social police duty. One more dutiful young man has been added to this list.

Surendrasinh Ratan Singh, a jawan from Warsia police station, had earlier tested positive for corona and was cured of the disease. These types of people are considered suitable for blood plasma donation and their plasma are useful in the treatment of covid patients.

Related to this, Surendrasinh donated blood plasma in the blood bank of Sayaji Hospital. Plasma useful in treatment is extracted from the blood of the donor with the help of modern machines under a more complex process than blood donation at blood banks. After this procedure the donor can rest a little and do his daily chores.

Earlier, the city police commissioner greeted and honored the four jawans for their noble work. Earlier PSI Arun Mishra from Warasia police station donated the plasma. Now Surendrasinh’s name has been added to the list of proud donors.


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