Oldest kite in the world add charm in Vadodara International Kite festival


India is the only country in the world where paper kites are manufacturing for decades. The kites are not to fly but to fight  with each other and existing since the times of Nawabs. Such was the attraction of kite flying that it developed as a sport then and the tradition still continues.

With such a rich history of kite flying a family from Lucknow proud to have the rare collections of old kites way back more then 100 years. The Shrivastav family is in Vadodara to showcase their treasure to the kite enthusiasts and shared the details with them.

The collector B.P. Shrivastav was former secretary of Lucknow Kite Contest Organisation and has the oldest kite in the world in his collection. His family now take forward the legacy and spread the rich history among kite enthusiasts with such a rich collection of old kites.

In Vadodara during International Kite festival the family arrived with their collection of kites with the oldest among dated 1899. The kite is the oldest flown kite in the world. The paper of the kite is light brown width of 32.7inches and length 28.2inches. Apart from that the family has kites made in 1902, 1916, 1924, 1925and 1926. They carefully wrapped the kites to preserve them and displayed them in various events.

All the kites were displayed in various cities including Ahmedabad many times. The collection of kites was registered in Limca Book of Records in 2005 and now they applied for the Guiness book of world records.


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