Vadodara is famous for its traditional garba and every year garba enthusiasts visit the city to feel the tradition which is still intact since years. Garba places like United Way and Maa Shakti that gathers huge crowd are favourites among the revelers since many years. But amongst them there is one more specialty in the city – Children Navratri festival, which also makes vadodara a city for garba lovers.

Youth and adults visit to their favourite venues to play garba but it’s the children who sometimes are left behind. However the city takes the privilege to organize Navratri festival for the children. The oldest among them is Alaiya Balayia.

Started in 1996 the garba has its own charm among the lavish and commercial garbas organised in the city. Children from the city till the age group of 16 have their own special venue for them where they can dance their heart out without any disturbance from the adults.

“This garba is the oldest in the city and is exclusively by, of and for the children. The singers, musicians and the dancers are all children and the entry is totally free for them. The bouncers and volunteers takes care about the security of the children dancing inside the venue with identification tags. LED lights, CCTV and dedicated workers gets us the best Garba prize,” said Ajay Dave, Organizer of Alaiya Balaiya.

Apart from this, many other groups are also organising an only-children garba for years which becomes a unique attraction for the people.