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Ola cab driver robbed by three persons at Waghodia

Ola cab driver robbed by three persons at Waghodia

Driver manager caught one member of the gang handover him to the police

A Ola cab driver was robbed by three persons hired him to go to Waghodia. The trio beat and robbed him of car and cash and fled from the spot. However the driver manager to caught one of the member of the gang and handover him to the police.

Resident of Waghodia road in Vadodara, Mrugesh Soral 23 is giving Ola Cab Welling Service. Last night three youths approached him while he was standing at railway station and hired the cab for 600 for Waghodia.

As the car reached Waghodia crossing the youths asked him to go to Goraj and stopped the taxi on the road pretend to attend nature's call. Two of the accused then forcefully took him to the rear seat and the third one take control of the steering of the car. They then robbed him of cash and ATM card and stopped the car near a ATM to withdraw cash after get the PIN from the victim.

Seeking a golden chance Mrugesh started shouting for help as one of the gang member went inside the ATM to withdraw money. The two then fled from the spot along with the car and Mrugesh Soral pounced on the third one and caught him inside the ATM.

Meanwhile other people rushed to the spot and took the accused to Waghodia police station. During primary investigation his name was found to be Rizwankhan Mahida from Anklav Anand and one of his associate Usman Chauhan from Napad Anand. The third accused was friend of Usman. Police is further investigating in the matter.

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