National Safety Day 2021

12 arrested police form teams to arrest leader Aslam Bodiya

An offense was registered under Gujarat Control of Terrorism and Organised Crime Act (GujCTOC), a law with stringent provisions, against Aslam Bodiya and his gang involved in cases of extortion and land grabbing cases in Vadodara.

The first case was registered in Vadodara under the Gujarat Control of Terrorism and Organized Crime Act, recently enacted by the Gujarat government. The crime branch has registered a case against the city’s defiant Bichoo gang under ‘GujCTOC’ and arrested 12 gang members. However, Aslam Bodio, the leader has now gone underground.

The GujCTOC law was enacted by the state government to teach a lesson to the defiant criminals and curb crime. In most of the cities in the state, offenses have been registered against defiant persons under this law but so far not a single offense has been registered under the Act in Vadodara.

Police took action after the Bichoo gang raised its head again. Recently three persons on a moped in the early hours of the morning at Fategunj police station recently robbed two people at the edge of knife. Police arrested Atik Sabdar Hussain Malek, Mohammad Siddique Abdul Sattar Mansuri and Faisal Hussain Sheikh, of the scorpion gang in the incident. While Shahnawaz alias Chinese Baba Zulfiqar Ali Syed is being searched.

Numerous cases of assault, rioting, ransom, robbery were registered against the Bichoo gang. In the past, Aslam Bodiya’s Bichoo gang has been booked in various police stations in Vadodara for assault, rioting, extortion, robbery and eviction. The Vadodara Crime Branch had registered a case against the gang under the newly implemented ‘GujCTOC’ by the government to curb crime. 12 people were arrestedby the police and Aslam Bodio, the main leader of the gang, has gone underground.

In Vadodara, 62 cases have been registered against the Bichoo gang since 1998.
Vadodara City Joint Commissioner of Police Chirag Koradia and DCP Jaydeepsinh Jadeja said, “62 cases have been registered against the Bichoo gang in Vadodara since 1998 and police have arrested 12 out of 26 members of the gang. They have formed teams to nab Aslam Bodia.


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