Off road adventure run in Vadodara testing the skills of drivers


Fourty riders from Gujarat explored the uneven roads filled with mud, slush, ditches in a offroad adventure day near Ampad on the outskirts of Vadodara. The riders including a lone girl from Ahmedabad drives the 4×4 SUV’s on the tough natural tracks testing their driving skills as well as a learning expedition for them.

Organised by Baroda Automotive Racing in association with Vadodara 4×4 path finders the one day off road racers testing their skills of driving on the track fills with ditches, slush, mud, inclines, downhills, uphills, Ruts and toughest of them all water crossing. 40 riders from Gujarat takes part in the day long monsoon adventure organised probably for the first time in natural unexplored track.

Among the drivers is a lone female from Ahmedabad who is into offroad racing for the last three years. She is excited and feel proud to be here and rubbing shoulders with male counterparts.

“Basically I am an architect and offroad racing is my passion. I am into offroad racing for the last three years and every adventure is a learning experience for me. Being a woman I can say that we also can do anything and hence I continue my passion and proving an example for the others. The off-road adventure is not just a race but it’s a lesson to learn as whenever we stuck in such situations then how can we get out from it. It’s the test of driving skills of the person in different unorthodox situations,” said Esha Dandekar.

Among the racers is a Navy Commander who has a passion for off-road driving and here also the tracks tests his skills. “Being a Navy person we learn to defying odds in every situation. The off road racing also is testing your driving skills and comes out from the every obstacles put in front of you. It’s amazing to be a part of the adventure,” said Commander Mukul Rathi.

The adventure run is divided into 10 stages and with every passing stage the challenges are tough and more testing. “The aim of organise the adventure run is to test the pure SUV’s on the toughest tracks. The whole three kilometer route is filled with water, mud, slush, ditches and other obstacles which test the skills of the driver. Our state Gujarat is behind in such adventure sports and the idea to organise it is to promote the sport here. 40 riders from Surat, Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Anand and Nadiad takes part in the time based run and after completion of ten stages the winner will be decided on the basis of time and less penalities,” said Sunil Nigam organiser.


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