There are many travelers who find the excitement of traveling only to walk the wrong route. They don’t follow any rules when they are out of their home. To them, adventure is the other name of traveling. So, if you belong to this group and want to explore places where human stepping is few, Gujarat will not disappoint you at all. Yes, on the western part of India, this is one of the most exotic states that welcome its guests with lots of marvels under its sleeves. Today, you will uncover some of those-

  1. Gopnath Beach

While talking about the unconventional places of Gujarat then this will be on the top of the list. This beach is near the Gulf of Khambat and free from the chaos of populated tourist spots. With huge biodiversity, limestone cliffs and other natural beauty, this beach is eagerly waiting for you. Apart from the azure ocean, travelers also enjoy the Gopinath temple which has a shrine of 700 years old.

  1. Narala Island

Near the shore of Gujarat, Narala Island is located. This island is quite small, only 3 sq km and it is one of the very few areas of that part that allows tourists. Once you are on this island, you can visit the holy shrine of KhwajaKhizerRahmatullahialaih. Also, you can enjoy the mangrove forest at this place. Getting permission is quite difficult, but if you manage, try to visit the place in winter.

  1. Saputara

If you don’t visit this place specifically while you are in Gujarat, you will never know that the state has kept hidden such a beautiful hill station. The Gira Falls will blow your mind with its rapid speed and white and foaming water. The greenery around the place will soothe your eyes. To get more, don’t forget to visit the botanical garden. Have a trip to Vansda National Park and Purna Wildlife Sanctuary.

  1. Girmal Waterfall

Gujarat is not only famous for its temples, culture,and tradition, but it can give tough competition to other states with amazing natural beauty. If you are looking for off-beat places in Gujarat, try to visit these waterfalls. Due to the speed of water and the height, the water is foggy here. Experiencing rainbow over the waterfalls can be easy.

So, these are only a  few places you can name to visit while in Gujarat. There are more. This winter, plan to visit this state with your family and friends.


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