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NSUI protest against vigilance, Vadodara

NSUI protest against vigilance, Vadodara

NSUI members burns the effigy of vigilance officer and team in Commerce faculty main building on Wednesday. They were protesting against the vigilance team for manhandled the NSUI members when they are going to meet the Vice Chancellor on Tuesday. They also demand resignation of vigilance officer and the lady who attacked the VP during the clash.

On Tuesday NSUI members went to meet the VC to aware him about the Monday's incident of clash with the ABVP supporters at Commerce faculty. Before they can meet the VC the vigilance team stopped them which lead to clashes between them.

The NSUI members alleged that the vigilance team attacked them and they them like accused. They forcefully tried to make them sit inside the police jeep. They also alleged that the vigilance officer V.P. Kanani misbehaved with GS Hitesh Batra and VP Priyanka Patel and pushed them. They also alleged that one of the woman security attacked both GS and VP during the clashes.

In protest with this type of behavior the NSUI burn effigy of Vigilance officer P.P. Kanani and woman security and demand their resignation on Wednesday.

To burn effigy inside the faculty created the tense moments. Both GS Hitesh Batra and VP Priyanka Patel said that they started the agitation against the vigilance team from Wednesday and will continue till their resignation is not taken by the university. If possible they will call for MSU band in this regard.

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