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NSUI protest against rise in development fees

NSUI protest against rise in development fees

Demand to Waive it

NSUI members of MSU Baroda protest against the rise in development fees and demand to cancel the order. The students said there are no facilities for students in the Commerce faculty and the authorities raise the fee which is unacceptable.

FGS Vraj Patel said the faculty don’t have good toilets, clean water, classrooms and canteen against the strength of around 1600 students studying here. However the authorities raised the development fee which they strongly protest and demand to waive it.

The students protest against the increase in development fees and shouted slogans against the authorities. They also threaten for aggressive protest if the decision is not taken back by the university. Vraj said there are talks of smart classes in the faculty but only one is there and the fees rise is cheating towards the students.

MSU Proctor Haribhai Kataria said Development work is going on inside the university and hence if the students have any questions regarding this they can contact them and their issues will be resolved on priority basis. The 500 increase in fees is normal and will be used for the development.

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