NSUI members sell Pakodas in protest against PM comments


Vadodara NSUI members raised their protest in a unique way against the comments given by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. They sell Pakodas at Kadak Bazaar in the city with the name of senior BJP leaders and show their anger against the comments.

Recently PM said educated unemployed youths sell Pakodas is also a employment. Taking a strict note on that the NSUI members in Vadodara sold Pakodas at a Bhajiya cart showing their protest against such comment. They sell Pakodas in the name of PM Modi, BJP President Amit Shah, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani and said educated youths in the BJP rule are selling Pakodas.

The NSUI members reached a Pakoda stall and selling it in the name of PM Modi and other senior leaders. They kept different rates for Pakodas like Modi Pakoda for 50rs, Amit Shah Pakoda for 35rs, Arun Jaitley Pakoda for 25 and Vijay Rupani Pakoda for 15 rupees.

Jaisingh Desai from NSUI said that the comment hurt them a lot as after getting degrees are they going to sell Pakodas. The protest is to send message to the PM about creating job opportunities for educated youths.


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