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Now Gujjus may rule IIT

Now Gujjus may rule IIT

Just like India is ruled by a Gujarati right now – Narendra Modi - following the inspiration from him now Gujarati students are preparing hard to contribute much in development.

In recent JEE advance two students of Navsari studied in Divine school (Dantej) have cleared exam held in April 2016 and are qualified for IIT and made Gujarat feel proud of them.

They proved wrong about mentality of people that Gujarati medium Students cannot qualify for such competitive exams.

33 students were qualified from divine school in JEE Main held in April this year. Teachers and staff members congratulated them and gave honour to all the students.

Also JEE Advanced qualified students Krish Barot and Jaydeep Rathod were congratulated by staff member and trust. They will get admission in IIT or NIT.

JEE exam is cleared by 4 students of Navrsari, Parth Ashokbhai Solanki and Vardhil Kiritkumar Mehta are two students who are in top 100 from India.


Parth Ashokbhai Solanki got 64th rank and Vardhil Kiritkumar Mehta got 89th rank. Both of them got admission in Bombay IIT.

By studying in the school of Navsari and getting admission in IIT is the first time in the history of Navsari.


While Ankleshwar based boy Prem Prakash Shyam sundar Nayak from Gattu Vidhyalaya at GIDC Ankleshwar is also qualified in JEE Advanced and shall get admission in IIT. Prem achieved 7098th rank in India. He belongs to the simple family, on his achievement family members, school members congratulated him. In JEE exam total 1,55,948 examiners were registered and 36,566 students were qualified.

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