Now what diet should be taken during Navratri


Navaratri the festival of worship Goddess Durga starts from Thursday and it’s time to wear traditional Chaniya Cholis and play garba.

Starting from the first day the Navratri Mahotsav is the time to worship Maa Shakti. People observe day long fast and in the night goes to the garba venues to dance their heart out.

However in this nine nights festival it’s necessary to care about the health. The reason being that after dancing for almost the whole night the daily routine get disturbed and the doctors advice simple steps for maintaining the health.

Physiotherapist and diet consultant from Ankleshwar Pinjal Sukhadia while talking with Connect Gujarat advised simple steps for maintaining good health during the festival.

According to her people observed fast and also dance for the whole night during Navratri. Heavy sweating during garba leads to dehydration and for that the people should have lemon water or coconut water more during the day. Most importantly they should avoid junk food during these days.

She also explained few steps and minor exercise to get relax from the leg and muscles pain she also gave brief idea about the diet which should be taken during these days.