Mechanic rescue the snake after three hours

It’s a shocking scene for the women of a shop owner in Vadodara after witnessing a snake enters inside her parked activa. They called a mechanic and after toiling for three hours he finally managed to rescue the snake.

Everyone must be aware about the popular series Snakes in the city where the rescuers attended the calls from the people to rescue snakes get inside their houses, vehicles, backyard and other places. Such a similar incident happens in the city where one and half foot long snake enters inside a parked activa scooter.

The activa belongs to one Nita wife of a farsan shop owner and she parked the vehicle in front of the shop. The snake enters during that time and as Nita was about to go home she was shocked to see the snake stuck inside and calls for help.

As the news spread people started gathering at the spot and tried to rescue the snake but failed. Finally they called a mechanic and after toiling hard for three hours managed to rescue the snake.

Everyone had a sigh of relief after it was known that the snake was non poisonous and enters the two wheeler from the nearby drain.


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