Non-covid 85-year-old grandmother admitted in SSG recovered in 5 days


 Government hospital very helpful to our family in emergency – daughter of a sick grandmother

85-year-old grandmother Sudha Kulkarni’s health suddenly deteriorated in four or five days. Seeing no other option, the relatives brought him to Sayaji Hospital with lines of concern on their faces. In 5 days of taking proper care here, she recovered and went home on her own. The relatives welcomed her back home created a heartwarming atmosphere.

Giving details about the incident, her daughter Smita Kulkarni writes that in 4 to 5 days, Sudhama’s health deteriorated so much that she stopped walking and eating on her own. The current situation is of covid pandemic, so we thought they might be infected.

No other hospital was willing to admit her directly due to Covid’s circumstances. The family was very confused. Eventually they thought of SSGH for treatment as a last option. The Dean of Baroda Medical College, Dr. Tanuja Javadekar was a friend of the Kulkarni family. After consulting her, the elderly Sudhaben was brought to the emergency department of Sayaji Hospital.

Here she was immediately referred for covid rapid test which came negative and the family had a sigh of relief. She was immediately diagnosed with a series of tests like BP, blood sugar, chest X-ray, ECG, CT scan, liver sonography, blood test.

Dr. O.B. Belim, Administrative Nodal Officer, Covid Treatment Department, Sayaji Hospital said, as soon as Sudhaba was tested Covid negative, she was shifted to a non-covid C3 ward and treated with due care regardless of her age. They are happy about getting good result.

Expressing heartfelt gratitude to Sayaji Hospital for being very helpful to their family in the emergency, Smita Kulkarni said, the behavior of the doctors and nursing staff of this government hospital has been very cooperative. She thanked all the doctors and staff, including Tanuja Madam the dean of Baroda Medical College.


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