Perform 15 plus surgeries at discounted rate

Ashutosh hospital in Vadodara decides to celebrate the National Bone and Joint Day on 4th August to perform at least 15+ Joint Replacement surgeries on discount rate. The patients just have to bear the cost of equipment and medications.

Joint issues are something which increased with ages and need urgent attention before it become worse. With the advancement in medicine the new methods are also coming up for the surgeries.

“Joint replacement surgeries are pretty expensive and therefore many deserving patients have to suffer from not being able to afford it. We decided that this year we will be performing 15 Joint replacement surgeries at discounted rate for the needy. The Union Ministry and the Indian Orthopedic Association decided to focus on a particular day for the treatment of various issues pertaining to bones and joints and decided to perform surgeries,” said Dr. Kunal Shah.

4th August 2012 the day has been founded to create awareness about various orthopedic illness issues .The activities to be organized during this period include public awareness activities one of them being free medical camps, free surgeries and free BMD camps for awareness about Osteoporosis.

“We would encourage anyone who knows of a person suffering from joint pain to send him or her for evaluation at our hospital,’ said Shah.


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