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No need to worry if you are a woman & travelling alone in the train, read why?

No need to worry if you are a woman & travelling alone in the train, read why?

Day by day crime reports are increasing in Mumbai local trains, women who travels at night have to face many troubles, to stop this crimes and keeping safety of women in priority, railway ministry have decided to arrange the police in all the ladies coaches of the trains.

RPF (Railway Protection Force) is developing a new Mobile Application, which will be very useful to all the women who faces various types of troubles while journey in train. As per the reports woman have to just swap their mobile phones, and immediately police will get information about the situation and they will take immediate actions on it.

At present this application is in first stage, it will start working in few weeks, it is easier to use just you have to shake your mobile phone for few times, and the app will be activated & the details will be transferred to the nearest police station, along with this their will be also facility of recording audio and video, audio clip will start recording and it will be of one minute, and video clip will be around 20 seconds, and this audio clip will be transferred to the police in just 60 seconds.

To use this application visitors must have GPS location on in mobile, the good thing in it is that this app will continue work, also in case of mobile phone is switch off or sim card is removed there will be no effect on application it will not stop working. Only with the help of user id and password it can be stop working. eight emergency numbers can be stored in the application, also they will get audio video clip soon.

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