National Safety Day 2021

A notice outside the J.P. Police station in Vadodara put everyone in surprise as it reads no one enter the premises wearing half pants. However the top officials said it is to maintain the decorum inside the police station due to ladies staff who also attends the people.

The note about the dress code put everyone in surprise and starts a controversy about how can anyone decide about dressing of the people? Whatever is the reason but the notice creates many eyebrows.

As the onset summer brings excessive heat conditions people prefer to wear lose and preferably short pants to ease themselves. However this notice outside the police station now makes them think to come inside wearing short pants.

But the top police officials said it’s about maintaining the decorum inside the police station as a good number of female staff is working inside. “There is a good number of female staff working inside the police station and many times they attend the people coming there in half pants. The situation get awkward for them and hence the notice is to maintain the decorum. Secondly there is a freedom of wearing anything but the people shall understand to properly dress going to such places,” said Vimal Gamit ACP Control. He also added that people don’t misunderstand the writing and wear such dresses which don’t put the females in awkward position in police stations or government offices.


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