Keeping in mind the safety & security of train passengers in view of ‘VAYU’ cyclone affecting Gujarat, Western Railway has decided to cancel nine more trains & short terminate with partial cancellation another four trains, as a precautionary measure in the cyclone prone areas over W. Rly.  Accordingly, total 123 trains of W. Rly have been affected in view of the precautionary measures taken by W. Rly to safeguard the interests of the passengers.

The details of the 3 more affected trains are as under:

List of Cancelled trains:-

  1. 22958 Somnath –Ahmedabad  J.C.O. 13.06.19 is Cancelled for want of Rake.
  2. 19252 OKHA – Somnath  J.C.O. 13.06.19 is Cancelled.
  3. 19251 Somnath – OKHA  J.C.O. 13.06.19 is Cancelled.
  4. 59552 OKHA – Rajkot  J.C.O. 13.06.19 is Cancelled.
  5. 59230 Bhavnagar –Dhrgandhra   J.C.O. 13.06.19 is Cancelled.
  6. 22957 Ahmedabad –Veraval   J.C.O. 13.06.19 is Cancelled.
  7. 59421 Rajkot-Somnath  J.C.O. 13.06.19 is Cancelled.
  8. 59551 Rajkot-Okha J.C.O. 13.06.19 is Cancelled.
  9. 59227 Botad-Bhavnagar  J.C.O. 13.06.19 is Cancelled.

List of Short – Terminated trains:-

  1. Train No. 19115 Dadar-Bhuj  J.C.O. 13.06.19 will be short – terminated at Ahmedabd .Hence it will be partially cancelled between Ahmedabad- Bhuj. Train No. 19116 J.CO. 14.06.19 is short terminated Ahmedabad will remain partially cancelled between Bhuj- Ahmedabad.
  2. Train No. 22955 Bandra Tr.-Bhuj   J.C.O. 13.06.19 will be short – terminated at Ahmedabad .  Hence it will be partially cancelled between Ahmedabad-Bhuj. Train No. 22956  J.CO. 14.06.19 is short terminated at Amedabad  and will remain partially cancelled between Bhuj- Ahmedabad.
  3. Train No.19262 Porbandar-Kochuvelli J.C.O. 13.06.19 will remain cancelled between Porbandar – Jamnagar and will originate from Jamnagar on its scheduled Time.
  4. Train No.22945 Mumbai Central-Okha J.C.O. 13.06.19 will be short – terminated at Rajkot and hence it will remain cancelled between Rajkot – OKHA. Subsequently Train No.19569 Rajkot-Veraval J.C.O. 14.06.19 will remain cancelled.



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