Dinesh Karthik’s brilliant batting to helped Team India name the Nidahas Trophy. Dinesh Kartik scored 29 runs in 8 balls. On One Side Vijay Shankar’s bat was not going . Manish Pandey was also not able to do anything. Once Pandey was out, Dinesh Karthik came and started putting long shots as soon as possible.

In the last two overs, Team India needed 34 runs. Kartik came in the 19th over and hit two sixes and two fours to bring India to the threshold of victory. After which the soumya sarkar came to bowl, what happened in the last over …

First ball: Soumya Sarkar to Vijay Shankar, wide, Vijay Shankar would’ve been out. But called wide. Rightly so. Low full-toss slipping down leg.

After going wide, next ball a Dot delivery and the pressure on the youngster, Vijay Shankar is under extreme pressure, swings and misses.

Second ball: Shankar played a shot over extra cover and gave a strike to Dinesh Karthik.

Third ball: Soumya Sarkar gave Dinesh Karthik a yorker in which he took a run and again gave Shankar a strike. Now Team India needed 9 runs from 3 balls.

Fourth ball: Vijay Shankar gets four. Vijay Shankar opens the face of the bat at the last moment and directs it between backward point and short third. Now India needed 5 runs for 2 balls.

Fifth ball: Vijay Shankar Lofted the slower delivery straight up, both the fielders almost collided but good catch taken by Mehidy Hasan, A wicket and a dot but it is DK who is on strike next ball, Because Shankar had changed the strike. last ball needed 5 runs.

The last ball: Soumya Sarkar was triying the to keep Yorker length,which Karthik made almost a full toss and played a strong shot,This way Team India won the match.

Watch the video: