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Aryan Khan and Ananya Panday's new whatsapp chat revealed, 'Let's do cocaine, I'll get you in trouble with the NCB'

Aryan Khan in the Mumbai drugs case, chat revealed Aryan talking about weed with actor Ananya Panday.

Aryan Khan and Ananya Pandays new whatsapp chat revealed, Lets do cocaine, Ill get you in trouble with the NCB

Bollywood film superstar Shah Rukh Khan's son Aryan Khan's drugs case is being shocking every day with revelation of new witness. Following Aryan's involvement in the narcotics case, Ananya Panday is now involved as well. New drug chats have arrived for Aryan and Ananya Panday. NCB is mentioned in Aryan and Ananya's conversation about drug trades.

Aryan talks about weed with actor Ananya Panday in one of the WhatsApp chats discovered. "Weed is in demand," he says, "and I'll take it from you in secret." Ananya is said to have responded by saying, "fine." Aryan Khan then inquires if she has brought any cannabis with her. Ananya responds positively, stating that she will get it.

Panday and Aryan's WhatsApp exchanges had previously shown discussions about cannabis procurement (ganja).

According to reports, Aryan Khan had asked actress Ananya Panday to arrange for 'ganja.' He allegedly asked, "Did you arrange for the ganja?" Ananya Panday responded by assuring Khan that she will make the required arrangements. Later, the actress told the NCB that she was kidding and that her chats were not meant to be taken seriously.

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