Accused wanted in rape at Mumbai Maharashtra and took refuge in Vadodara was arrested by the She team and Surveillance Squad within hours and handed over to Amboli Police Station by the Gorwa police.

To ensure the safety of women by women, crimes related to women, children have an understanding of “Good Touch, Bad Touch” and a quick response with the sensitivity to help senior citizens, the She Team is formed by Vadodara City Police Commissioner Dr. Shamsher singh under Nirbhaya Fund ‘Safe City Project For Safety Of Women’ to prevent crime from being committed.

On 23/01/2021, Gorwa Police Inspector R.C. Kanmiya received details from a Mumbai resident about the facts of incident and sought help apprehending the accused. A complaint has been lodged at Amboli Police Station, in Mumbai and Presenting the fact about accused being hidden in the city area.

He immediately called the working She Team and personnel of the Surveillance Squad and through technical sources and informants gave necessary instructions to nab the accused Nimesh Amarbhai Vaseta 33, originally from Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Both the teams were dispatched to help the complainant and with the help of technical sources and informants and caught the accused from Gorwa Nipa Tenament. The Amboli police was immediately contacted and the accused involved in the crime was handed over to them by the Gorwa police.


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