Have capacity of 2800 EVM and 3200 VVPAT

A new warehouse was inaugurated by the chief election commisioner for keeping the EVM and VVPAT on permanent basis after the counting gets over on 23rd May 2019. After the counting of ten assembly constituencies gets over the machines were kept at the new building for future use.

Built at the cost of four crores the warehouse is situated near the L & T knowledge city with a carrying capacity of 2800 EVM and 3200 VVPAT. On Wednesday chief election officer Shalini Agarwal inaugurated the facility where the machines will be kept permanently after the counting gets over.

Earlier the machines were kept inside various government buildings but now they will be at once place. The building will be under CCTV surveillance with round the clock security.  Different rakes are there for the machines to keep inside and a different room is also there to check them before any elections.


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