Gujarat Energy Minister Saurabh Patel said the new rules for the farmers are to increase their income and make them free to sell their production in any market. BJP has given the slogan of independent and strong farmer and the new rules are to give them the benefit by using the best of technology. He was in Vadodara to address the issue and try to clear the stand of the government.

While farmers are agitating against the agriculture bill across the country, state government as well as Union ministers are traveling across the country to provide accurate information to farmers about the agriculture legislature. In Vadodara Saurabh Patel addressed a press conference and gave information about the Central Government’s agriculture bill.

He said the BJP has taken bold decisions in the field of agriculture and the government has taken some important decisions to increase the income of farmers. There is need of change in the sector and goverment has done that and removed the middleman by realising the one country one market slogan.

He said earlier the farmer has the only option to sell their products at the local APMC but with this change he can go to any market and sell his product which ultimately increase the income. Farmers’ income in Deesa increased due to technology and they got more income in potato farming. He further said that the government has also assured the farmers that MSPs including APMC will not be shut down. The merchant can buy goods from anywhere and sell anywhere.

Also, it is not mandatory for farmers to do contract farming as they can do whatever they want. Change is needed to increase the income of farmers and there is no harm to them due to new agriculture bill. He said he opposition is lying about the agriculture bill and he is here to put the reality and facts before the people.


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