Manoj Shashidhar took charge as new Vadodara police commissioner on Friday. He took the charge from E. Radhakrishnan who transferred as Additional DGP Security GUVNL Vadodara. The new commissioner pressed for using new technologies for traffic problems in the city.

(Two policemen from Vadodara arrested under prohibition)

Police Commissioner Manoj Shashidhar said that traffic is a big problem in all major cities of Gujarat and here in Vadodara they will use new technologies to solve traffic related problems.


For the tensions in the city he said they will work on the lines of quick response team and will work out for such mechanism so that police can reach on the spot quickly. He also said that for the people they will maintain law and order in the city.



  1. sir women are not safe of her own house .you did not take action .I was one time met you about 6 months ago the issue is makarpura police station which not take my and my wife’s complaint. we suicide in soon…….

  2. Sir this not first complain against them.Might be you are not aware of this but Makrpura police station is just for harrassing for good people they are doing nothing only enjoyed the suitation.My self tejal Yadav And I am victims of my own mother she has complaint against me that I m bitting her she had complain so many times and police cum to my home without any ladies constable and asking so many questions and calling me to police station.I m fadeup with this my mother is Railway employees and my father is died on when I was two years old my mother had married with one guy his name is Mahendra Singh Rana he always sexual harrassing me when I complaint to my mother she is also supporting to that person.I don’t have any body to help me please do something for me .I can’t give my mobile no but you can contact me through my mail.

  3. Respected Sir,
    I m speaking patel Daizee from Vadodara. My divorce case is running now in vadodara lal court. My jewellery & all things want to back from my sasri. Court give order from my favour to take my things but police said i m not under this thing.. both police makapura & Manjalpur…i m stay in manjalpur & my sasri is in Tarsali Danteshwar. Which police Station i go to solve my problem. Because of this reason last 3 months i m not getting my things.i m requested u to help me.
    Patel Daizee

  4. Dear Shri Manohar Shashidharji

    Sub. Traffic at Kamati Garden. Serious Accidental

    This is to draw your kind attention to the fact that busses of different schools from distant places park in front of Vadodaras beautiful ganden from 1pm to 6pm. This means the space is blocked for 5 hours without any movement causing serious parking scarcity for cars of the citizens of Vadodara.

    This leaves no parking place for citizens of Vadodara.

    Secondly, the road parrarel to Garden from Sayaji Ganj to Kalaghoda circle is with very heavy traffic.
    No one observes ZEBRA CROSSING.

    I had a foreign guest and we parked our car on MS University side and were crossing towards the Garden in ZEEBRA CROSSING but owing to no one stopping on zeebra crossing our guest missed fatal accident. He fell down in trying to miss the speeding bus. Stric speed limit is a must.

    Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to implement the following.

    1. The outside buses or local busses can drop the children and park on university side as they wait for 5 hours blocking garden parking. Then at fix time between 6 pm to 6.30 pm they can come to pick of the children.

    2.. Near every ZEEBRA CROSSING their needs to be traffic light so that pedestrian can cross the busy road with very fast traffick.

    Looking forward to your action in this urgent matter to avoid catastrophic traffic tragedy.

    Your update on action is requested on my mobile whatsapp 9824064054 or email

    c.c. The collector of Vadodara.
    The Vadodara Municipal Commissioner.
    The head of Traffic in Vadodara.

  5. Sir some police officers are behaving very badly. I was going home with my friends from school, I know it was my mistake that we were 3 on one scooter but sir there’s a way to stop a vehicle. That police officer just came out of nowhere in front of my vehicle. And sir if I had accidentally hit him with my vehicle what would have happened sir. I’m 18 years old now I would have gone to jail straight away. And instead of admitting his mistake sir he was threatening me ‘andar daal dunga’ I got soo scared sir I had to say sorry even when it was not my mistake sir. I said that I’m sorry that we were 3 on a single scooter but he didn’t listen and I don’t have any problem that he took money from us, I’m only saying because he said that ‘andar daal dunga’ I got very scared sir. If he had put me in jail my carrier would have been finished even before starting.

  6. Dear Mr. Manoj Sashidharan,
    Congratulations on your new appointment to the post of the Commissioner of Police of Vadodara city.
    It’s a great responsibility and wish you all the best for the same. I have shifted to Vadodara from Mumbai after retiring from the job at the Ministry of Justice from the Kingdom of Bahrain.
    I certainly would be happy to see some major changes in your department under your leadership.
    Just a kind request if you can make it possible for the policemen speak Hindi or English so that they at least guide new people coming to this city.
    They just ignore a person if he or she can’t speak Gujarati. Thanks and regards

  7. Dear Sir Good evening

    It has become a nightmare to drive two wheelers in evening on old padra road where teenagers boys and girls alike simple refuse to discontinue talking on cell phones while driving two wheelers . I also alerted the traffic inspector at Manisha chowk who literally refuse to look into matter even when he was just standing around talking to auto rickshaw people. Boys and girls as small a 12 years are riding two wheelers for commuting to classes with no fear of punishment or penalty. I would reqquest you to kindly accompany us in plans cloths and see the situation first hand .

    Pallav Mehta

  8. Dear Sir.,
    There has been a issue between Shreeji Trading Co. And Madhukant Traders. Wrong Police Complaint has been filed by Madhukant traders against Shreeji Trading Co. At City Police Station, Vadodara.
    But city police is unnecessarily pressurising Shreejee trading Co. All the proofs are in favor of Shreejee Trading Co. But still the police is not cooperating with him.
    I am sending all the documents about this matter by courier. Please study the matter and make a honest decision. Your decision will be respectful accepted. Please make a unbiased decision.
    Samrat Mehta
    M. 9825156935

  9. Dear sir
    Please catch of thief’s of byke in bhayli area approx 30 byke thieft…in 2 or 3 TV footage also available…


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