The Department of Telecom clarified that now on-wards e-Aadhaar letter or download copy of the aadhaar card from the UIDAI website is valid as a document proof for the new mobile connections.

e-Aadhaar copy is now valid for the resident verification and valid identity to take a new mobile connection. All the details of citizens about name, address, date of birth, gender will be given on the e-Aadhaar card copy and also on UIDAI website.

For a new mobile connection with this e-aadhaar proof , The authorized person at the shop will have to record a declaration saying that the customer details given on e-aadhaar copy have been matched with the details given on UIDAI website.

For many applicants around India who have not received their hard copy of Aadhaar card can use the e-aadhaar card print for new mobile connections through the UIDAI website. It will be a very useful decision for the people of India.