After becoming PM , Narendra Modi is coming for the first time in Bharuch city of Gujarat for the inauguration of newly built plant of OPAL in Dahej and Cable bridge built on river Narmada on 7th March 2017.

People are very excited for the arrival of Narendra Modi and also for the cable bridge which will be kept open for public from Tuesday.


You can see in pics how people have gathered on newly built cable bridge, it seems to be a picnic spot.

This is not a china or America, this is our India. And this cable bridge is the longest cable bridge in the country.


The whole bridge is lightened with Tri Color, and this look of bridge have attracted the people of the city to visit there. People have gathered here on the bridge one day before of opening .

All the roads are also lightened with this type of decorations in the whole city. The whole city is decorated like a queen for our PM Narendra Modi.


People of Bharuch are eagerly waiting for their PM to inaugurate the newly built cable bridge with the hope that from now the Bharuch Ankleswar traffic problem will come to an end.


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