New approach of online whatsapp clinic by ARIP of Charusat during lockdown


The whole India in in lockdown to fight against COVID 19 and every institute is taking innovative steps to utilise this time. Ashok & Rita Patel Institute of Physiotherapy (ARIP) – constituent of CHARUSAT has brought newer approach of treating patients online. Under the guidance of Dr. Balaganapathy, free of cost online whatsapp physiotherapy clinic has been started for the patients.

The online physiotherapy clinic has been started where Dr. Hemal Patel and Dr. Krupa Shah, Assistant Professor of ARIP do consultation by whatsapp and providing their expert advice, counseling  to patients during this lockdown period.

According to Dr. Hemal Patel, few of the patients, like chronic pain – Back pain, need to go for regular physiotherapy services at clinic but the centers are closed down due to lockdown. The pain gets aggravated if the patients don’t exercise at home. Due to lockdown and sedentary lifestyle, musculoskeletal problems are going to be on the rise especially in the people above the age of 60 years. To overcome this, home prevention, rehabilitation, pain control, heating therapy is addressed by faculties on whatsapp. Expert guidance of what should be done and what should be avoided, is given online through whatsapp.

Till date more than 40 patients have taken the advantage of such services and are satisfied with the results.

According to Dr. Balaganapathy, all of us are knowing the situation due to Covid-19 and people especially suffering from musculoskeletal problems have lot of pain and other problems and this online physiotherapy services through whatsapp is a boon during this lockdown period.

This service is available at just fingertips away and one can take advantage of this service and expert advices. Any person can contact Dr. Hemal Patel – 73596 27507 and Dr. Krupa Patel – 9737810802 and avail physiotherapy online services.


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