Making a significant contribution to the development of RTPCR test kits during the difficult times of Corona

Over the years, women have made invaluable contributions to overcoming the obstacles in society. Whether it is Rani Lakshmibai or Rani Ahalya Bai, they had risked their lives to work for the safety and security of the society. In today’s modern world also women are giving their contribution and mark their presence in the male dominated society.

In challenging times of Corona we witness the same example where women gives significant contribution to the society. Cosera Diagnosis Institute producing RTPCR kits in Vadodara district can boast of the same women power as six of their officials have given an important gift to the society in the form of RTPCR kits during this pandemic.

Excellent performance has been shown by women working in Cosera Diagnosis in Vadodara district. These women have been leading the various departments to ensure maximum production and authenticity of the RTPCR test kit.

As per the details given by Dr. Swapnali Kulkarni, senior manager of Cosera Diagnosis, the women employees of the company leading in the fields of technical services, quality assurance, manufacturing, quality testing and research and development have so far manufactured more than 16 lakh RTPCR test kits.

Working under the leadership of Dr. Chaula Shastri, Dr. Swapnali Kulkarni (Senior Manager Technical Services), Julie Tahilramani (Quality Assurance), Kesha Parikh (Production Head), Kirti Joshi (Quality Control Officer) as well as Junita Verma and Janaki Dalwadi (Research and Development) contributed in production of RTPCR kits in this corona era.

These women have made significant contributions to the society through the production of RTPCR kits without worrying about the time, ignoring the difficulties faced by the family amidst the global epidemic. The only aim for them is to serve the country.

This start up has become the best example of women empowerment. The six women team with higher education, professional skills, feminine instincts and insight, experience and passion to work as a team in this company gives a new dimension to it and is currently in great demand. The company produce around 3.5 lakh kits per month and provides to Gujarat and different states. The Vadodara district collector Shalini Agarwal herself has expressed high respect for the efficiency of these women.

These people work in regular office hours from 9 am to 6 pm. But when the demand for the kit increases, no one hesitates to come early in the morning or stay up late in the evening to work. All complement each other’s work. The unit was maintained by these women except for one day of lock down. Transportation was arranged at that time so that everyone could come easily. They are constantly working with all possible precautions to stay safe from covid.

These women have been continuously contributing their service to the nation for the last two years and giving a strong fight against Coronavirus. A salute to their invaluable contribution towards mankind.


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