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Neon paintings a popular trend in Vadodara, see pics

Neon paintings a popular trend in Vadodara, see pics


Neon, the word reminds us of bright colours glowing in the dark gives a mesmerising effect to the environment and is now using extensively in the art works.


A Vadodara based mother daughter duo is trying to turn the cultural city indulge in the Neon lights with their beautiful art works displayed in cafes and malls. Now they are making efforts to turn the popular night out spots of the city into Neon space which gives the place a special look specially in nights.


Kumkum Pandya who has done her Masters in Illustration from Fine Arts MSU Baroda and also a visiting faculty to Charusat teaching Liberal Arts. She is now turning the cultural city into Neon beauty with her art works.


Like many others she is working on Neon art but has the uniqueness to do it in realistic way. She called it the realistic form of Neon Art which gives you the real feeling whenever to see it.


The art is slowly getting popular especially in youngsters who want their own space and a quite place for a peaceful chat. The art which is the queen of night is slowly taking it place in the cultural city and gaining popularity day by day.


Kumkum is working on the art for quite a sometime and design a whole cafe interior and corridor of popular cinema inside a newly opened mall.


"The paintings are made with Neon powder colours where we use spray and spray plus powder colours. My favourite works are the way you give life to anything and that I do in my paintings. I always try to give reality to my works so that the viewer can feel and get connected with the painting," said Kumkum.


She started from a lounge and paint the whole interior with Neon. A cafe for which she done the whole interior and one can feel the Neon colours and environment when you enter inside. Her latest is the corridor outside a popular cinema inside a new mall opened recently. She also delivered four Neon portraits to the people who specially ordered to have one for their homes.


"Neon is slowly and gradually gaining popularity and I am trying to draw as per the mood of the people. From faces, moods, Illustrations, music, people, themes all are included in my works and one can feel the paintings when you see it in dark. The Neon paintings are popular among youngsters as they need cozy environment and that is what these paintings gives you as it glows in the dark. The colour combinations in paintings are what make them delightful to watch," said Kumkum.


Kumkum said she get the inspiration from a update on Facebook where there was pics of an International cafe and thought to experiment it here. She is now trying to turn the city indulge in Neon colours and also on different mediums.


"After working inside a lounge, cafe and mall I am now working on a idea to paint at popular hangout places in Vadodara and soon approach the officials for the permission. The Neon paintings on places like walls will give the place a beautiful look specially in the dark. Secondly in coming times I give it a try on a saree and design a full fledge saree with Neon paintings," said Kumkum who got inspiration from her mother and also her role model.


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