NCW member Sushma Sahu visits Vadodara central jail met women inmates

National Safety Day 2021

“Married inmates serving jail terms in central jails of India not wish to wear White sarees and will take the thing in our report,” said Sushma Sahu member of National Commission for Women during her visit to Vadodara. She was here to check the jail conditions where the women inmates lives and whether they get the facilities as per the jail manual.

Sahu reached the Vadodara Central jail on Tuesday to check the conditions of the jail and the other things related to women inmates serving jail terms inside. The visit is the part of nationwide programme where the NCW members visits the central jails to check the women inmates and listen to their pleas which they pen down in their report.

“When a women inmate came to the jail the whole society turned against them. Our work is to check the condition they live and if they get their wages for the work they do inside the jails. The work they do inside will help them continue their life after their release from the jail and prevent them to choose the wrong track again,” said Sahu.

On the problems regarding the women inmates she said they solve them immediately and also mentioned their pleas in their reports. “We came to know that the married women inmates don’t like to wear white sarees and hence they raised the point which they mention in their report. I one case we found water problem inside one of the jails and immediately called the concerned department to solve the issue,” said Sahu.

She also added that the state women commission team is also with them to see how we check and make reports and they will then go to sub jails of the states to check. For them every inmate is same be it of central or sub jail.


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