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Navrachana University’s 4th Convocation, 323 students graduate

Navrachana University’s 4th Convocation, 323 students graduate

“Private universities can be imaginative, innovative, experimental, open to collaboration with Indian and foreign universities, willing to allocate resources to disciplines and areas that are most likely to yield results, and train their faculty to international standards.

In so doing they can show by example what the state and other Indian universities at their best are capable of achieving, and create a climate in which enough pressure is exerted on all universities to deliver high quality education.” said Padma Bhushan Lord Bhikhu Parekh, while delivering the Convocation Address as the Chief Guest at Navrachana University’s 4th Convocation on Saturday, December 10, 2016.

On Saturday 4th Convocation of Navrachana University was held where 323 students recieved their degrees. Padmabhushan Lord Bhikhu Parekh was the chief guest in the function along with many dignitaries related to the field of education and research. Parekh shared his valuable experience with the students and guide them.

Total 323 students from BBA, MBA, BCA, ECCE, B.Arc, B.Design, B.Tech and Phd recieved their degrees and certificates. Out of all 11 students get gold medals in which five were girl students.

Padmabhushan Lord Bhikhu Parekh adressing the students said that research is important in teaching and in higher education the person who is not associated with research is always miss the new things and initiatives in this field. Further he said that the teachers who avoid these things never asked questions and also don't answer the questions of the students.

He said in education the need of today is research based education and teachers who put focus on research. Both education and research are incomplete without each other and that's the reason research based education is the need of today. He further said that when the research is included in education then it is called higher education in true sense.

Chairperson of Navrachana University Tejal Amin said that the university always put focus on research based education and will continue the same in future. She further addressed the students and said if they concentrate on the guidance given by Padmabhushan Lord Bhikhu Parekh then they always scale the heights in their lives.

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