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Navrachana university celebrates Women's day

Navrachana university celebrates Womens day

Celebrated the day on theme "I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights"

Navrachna University (NUV), celebrated International women's day on the theme "I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights". The celebration was spread over three days period which was a combination of fun, entertainment, contribution from both faculties and students to appreciate women from their life. It also had a social aspect where various NGO’s were invited to display and sell products made by women.

The week started off with the release of curated readings comprising of international/national reports and news articles on 2nd March, followed by a film screening and discussion on 3rd March 2020 in which movies like ‘The day after that day’, ‘Ahalya’ and ‘Old Fashioned Love’ were discussed.

The third day was celebrated with a event inaugurated by Sunanda Ganju, Board member of Sahaj & Balbhavan Society, Tejal Amin, Chairperson of Navrachana Education society and Dr. Nilay Yagnik, Provost of Navrachana University. The event had exhibition and display which showcased posters made by students of Navrachana University depicting “NUV's Ideas of Women Empowerment”.

Stories by faculties and students about the extraordinary women in their lives were displayed. Various NGO's working for women empowerment were given a platform to display their products which were made by women. The NGO's were Srotoshwini Foundation, Vatsalya ,Bhasha and NavKaushalya. The exhibition also had section for games and fun activities.

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