The members of Nature Walk Group in Vadodara oppose the move to cut down the big Banyan and other trees inside the compound of Maharani Shantadevi hospital. The place is going to be developed as commercial complex and the natural habitat of the area will suffer due to this.

The historical compound of Maharani Shantadevi hospital has age old trees more then 100 in numbers. Among the trees is a huge Banyan tree which is the identity of Vadodara. There are other native and ecologically important trees like Kanajo, Andrakh, Asopalav, Makrol inside the compound provide shade and supports local biodiversity.

“The area is a natural habitat for years and provides nesting and roosting. The area is full of natural environment and home for birds like Jungle Babbler, Fantail Flycatcher, Mackpire Robbin, Indian Robbin, Tree Pie, Parakeets and sometimes sparrows and Greyhorn. This shows how much important the area is in terms of ecologically. But now it’s in danger and we request the authorities not to destroy the habitat,” said Dr. Jitendra Gavali member of the group.

The members gathers at the sight on Thursday and signed a petition regarding the place and send it to the Municipal Commissioner along with the copies cc to PM Narendra Modi, CM Vijay Rupani, Ministry of Forest and Environment New Delhi and Gujarat, Principal Chief Conservator of Forests Gandhinagar and Director Parks and Garden Department VMSS.

“We are appreciating the efforts of VMC for planting Million Trees project and don’t expect the same authority gives such a order. We request them to explore various ways like concepts like tree houses which serve both the things without disturbing the environment,” said another member.


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