National Safety Day 2021

Now whenever you enter inside any town hall in Vadodara you will stand in respect to the national anthem and then enjoy the programme. That is what the new notification is issued by the Mayor of Vadodara.

Mayor Bharat Dangar write a letter in this regard to the municipal commissioner to make national anthem compulsory in every town hall in Vadodara.

Earlier a notification was issued by Supreme Court to play national anthem in theatres before the movie and now the Mayor of Vadodara issued the notification to make national anthem compulsory before the start of programme in town halls.

Now national anthem will be played  in the two town halls under VMSS before any cultural programmes. Vadodara city is probably the first city in Gujarat to implement such notification in Gujarat.

“Its proud moment for everyone when you stand in respect and sing the national anthem. We want to start something unique from others and hence start the initiative in Vadodara where the people first sing national anthem and then enjoy the programme afterwards,” said Dangar.


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