National Academy of Indian Railways, Vadodara has organized a two-day workshop for Indian Railways’ General Managers and Additional General Managers on 10th & 11th November 2018. The workshop put focus on the extremely crucial topic of Emotional Intelligence.

In the fast and full paced journey of Indian Railways the leaders have to specially emotionally intelligent to navigate the full with fast paced changes and disruptions.

The new challenges pose serious challenges to the leadership as they have to address the most critical people issues.

Someone who is high on EQ will be self-aware, understand others feelings, and manage relationships at work more effectively. They can empathize with the issues of their people and come up with more realistic and acceptable ways to tackle them.

Eminent speaker and coach, Rajeshwar Upadhyaya, who is a Certified Master Trainer on Emotional Intelligence put focus on the important issues and guide the participants. Upadhyaya is a visiting faculty at ISB, Hyderabad and also taught at School of Finance and Management, Oxford Brooks University, UK, Thunderbird, USA and SKOLKOVO Moscow Institute of Management, Russia.

The program’s primary objective was to make leaders aware of emotions and how it impacts the workplace. The program help the participants in acknowledging the “touchy-feely” concept that has been looked down upon especially at the workplace. It will also enable them to leverage the concept of Emotional Intelligence to become more effective both personally and professionally.

Railway Board Chairman Ashwani Lohani  addressed the General Managers and Additional General Mangers on the concluding day of the seminar and advised them to give priority to HR issues and support the staff.



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