Mysterious letter by Parul University employee gives new twist to his death


A mysterious letter written by Parul University employee Hitesh Rana gives a new twist to his death. Rana was found dead in his car parked near Kamatibaug in Vadodara on Tuesday night by his son. Rana point out the scams running in the university in his 8 page letter and also fear his life.

On Tuesday Hitesh Rana was found dead in his car near Kamatibaug in Vadodara and his brother raised suspicion over his death after found injury marks on his face and body.

The letter states that there is a pendrive in his bag which has the list of salary structure of all the university employees and one can know the scam related to it.

He further write and put allegations on the university for exploiting the students and threatening the employees if anyone wants to raise their voice against them.

He further said in his letter that the university take money from the students to pass them in their exams. Adressing one Sai Traders he write that the university put allegations on him for taking commission when he refused to make bills as per the trader. He also said that last Saturday he was forced to write about taking 1,20,000 as commission in last two years.

Further he said that the university authorities forced him to sign on behalf of some of the on paper staff. They called them on the inspection day to show them as employees which is part of their scam.

The letter however proved to be a important evidence where Hitesh Rana put focus on the scams which might be the reason of his death. However the allegations once again brought Parul University in news for wrong reasons.

However police began it’s investigation after access the CCTV footage from the spot. Investigating officer S.M. Soni said they are waiting from the Pathological report as well as PM report for the exact cause of death. He said there is no injury marks on the body and they are investigating further to know the reason of death.

He further said the letter is yet to be recieved by them and versions of his collegues in Parul University and nearby areas will be taken as part of the investigation. He said the doctor verbally said the death is due to heart attack but they are waiting for the pathological report


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