My immunity has increased dramatically after taking the vaccine – Dr. Sheetal Mistry


Dr. Sheetal Mistry has been diligently managing the Covid Treatment Department of Gotri Government Hospital for more than a year now as the Nodal Administrative Officer.

During this day and night duty, he himself became a victim of this disease and experienced the pain. He said, This experience has helped him better understand the disease and improve its management.

He is thus an expert surgeon and by constantly studying he knows all about the symptoms and strains about the Coronavirus. He was vaccinated in the early stages of vaccination in January as a health warrior.

He recently lab tested this vaccine to find out how much corona resistance in the body i.e. anti SARS cov 2 (covid) antibody level. The level was found to be 103.5. As a doctor he says this is a very good, rather wonderful level.

He took the Covishield vaccine which he says has a good result. Currently, people over the age of 45 have been vaccinated and he have made a special request to get vaccinated.


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